Roofing Your Dog House – Picking Shingle Colors

Choosing the color of your shingles is crucial when it comes to the overall look of your new house.

You want the shingle color to match your home or the personality of your dog. Not to mention, the color can even affect the curb appeal, and therefore the resale value of your home. While it seems like an inconsequential detail, it could possibly make or break the appearance. It’s nice to have a matching shingles on your dog house.

There are several things to consider when choosing a color for the shingles on your roof. One of the first things to consider is the climate that you live in. Believe it or not, the color of your shingles could save you money on your next energy bill. If the color of your shingles can keep your home cooler, imagine how important shingle color is for the comfort of your pet.

Inside Temperature

The attic could change twenty to even forty degrees depending on your shingles’ color. If you live an area that details with more intense heat, it would be good to keep lighter colored shingles in mind. Light colors reflect the sun, and will aid in keeping your home cooler. If you live in a colder region, darker colors will be better suited for your roof. Along with trapping heat in your home, the darker colors will help to melt snow and ice off of your roof, resulting in less damage to your shingles.

The color of your dog house should also affect the decision of shingle colors. If your home is gray or blue, your shingles should be dark gray, charcoal, or black to compliment the home. If your home is brown, cream, or tan, it is a better idea to choose brown shingles, or a mix of cream and brown. If your home is white, then black or dark gray shingles should be used. You will have a few more options if your home is green, red, or yellow. These homes can have brown colors, gray colors, or black shingles. Perfect colors for a bulldog, right?

If you’re having trouble picking out the color of your shingles, you can reach out to the guys at ASAP Roofing & Construction. They’ve been roofing tyler tx and taking care of dog houses for a long time now. As avid dog lovers, they’ll help you pick the right color for your dog house.

Character of Your Dog House

Statement is a bigger deal than you would think. Your home should have some amount of character. Sometimes that character is classic, and that is good and safe. If you prefer your classic home to remain neutral, than your home should mostly stick to solid tan, cream, clay, brown, gray, or black shingles. Classic looks normally have excellent resale value, and these colors are safe moves to make. However, if you pride yourself in a trendy home, then these solid colors might be a little too plain and bland for you. That is perfectly fine.

If you consider yourself to be a little more hip and you want your home to be, you can choose a palette of browns, creams, and tans that compliment each other, and the same goes for a palette of dark blues, grays, and black. However you should probably consult a professional before making this decision, as this will take an especially artistic eye to pull off. Either way, more modern looks are also very popular.

Contrasting Shingle Colors

Another factor to consider is the benefit of contrast. If you have a newer or well-taken care of home then you will want to consider high contrast between your home and roof. This is because when there is high contrast between the home and roof, it will dramatically highlight the attractive features of your doghome.

However if your home is older, or just very flawed, then you will not want there to be high contrast between the home and room. Low contrast ensures that the flaws of your house will more easily be hidden. If you would like your home to look smaller, then you should use darker colored shingles. If your house needs to appear bigger than what it is, then consider lighter colored shingles.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when choosing the colors of your shingles for your home and for your dog house.

Hopefully this helps. Good luck!